Main activities

CONTO provides a full range of services for ERP systems. In addition to training users, our ERP services include development, sales, implementation, and support.
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CONTO also offers a wide selection of software products for integrated automation: standard and customized 1С:Enterprise products for accounting and management automation for companies in any industry, innovative BAS products for corporate clients, and Microsoft SQL Server.


Each automated system requires maintenance and updates. To meet those needs, our automated system support includes: user consultations for optimal use of the system, software configuration, reprogramming to reflect changes in the company's activities, updates and many other services.


The company features a Training Center that has been deemed a Certified Training Center (CTC) for training specialists on 1C:Enterprise 8 products. CTC status confirms the company's competence and high quality of training using the 1C:Enterprise system. More than 10,000 specialists have trained at the CONTO Training Center. This means that 10,000 people have received a salary increase, experienced career growth or landed an excellent job, while their employers got guaranteed high-class specialists.

Our Advantages

of employees
are specialists
of the highest category
of projects
were completed on time
between 2010 and 2017
of financial directors
notice a positive effect
after 1 month of using the system


A large team of consultants and programmers. The specialists needed to get a project done will always be available. 45% of Ukrainian ERP specialists are in our team


Over 20 years of experience in large-scale projects ensures high-quality execution of your tasks. Leaders in the number of ERP-class projects


Our standard for project activities includes a mandatory pre-project survey. We offer to take on a project only after a detailed analysis and confirmed feasibility study.

Success stories


DC Ukraine Ltd. is part of the multinational A.S.WATSON GROUP and a leader in the drugstore retail market. Today, the Watsons retail network has more than 372 stores and 24 pharmacies, and has a presence in more than 112 cities throughout Ukraine.

HarvEast Holding

HarvEast Holding is an agricultural holding company that owns assets in the Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Cherkasy regions and Crimea. Its primary business activity is plant cultivation and dairy farming. It owns a total of cultivated land covering about 220,000 hectares, along with over 20,000 heads of cattle. It employs more than 4,000 people.