Since 1999, CONTO has been operating on the market of economic software of Ukraine. CONTO represents a full range of services for the development, implementation, training of users, sales and service of ERP-class systems.

Many of our customers regard us as the absolute leader of Ukraine in the field of automation of business processes and have been cooperating with us in the field of consulting and automation for 8-10 years or more.

Area of the company’s activity:

The implementation center CONTO is engaged in the implementation of ERP-class systems, provides consulting services in designing business processes of modern enterprises, assists with the formulation of financial management, as well as provides services for refinement, the creation of prototypes of specialized systems for managing the resources of the enterprise,

At present, the implementation center CONTO is one of the largest in Ukraine and has huge experience in implementing automation projects in various fields. It is the leader in the number of projects implemented on the basis of the latest BAS ERP (1C ERP) product in Ukraine.

Research and Development Department works as a research laboratory and "product factory" of ERP-systems for Ukrainian and foreign customers. Our experienced professionals provide methodological support to developers from other companies and countries, as well as development and support services for specialized enterprise resource management systems.

Distribution Department develops and maintains an affiliate network in Ukraine. The CONTO affiliate network is the most extensive and currently has more than 400 partners.

The technologies used are "1C:Enterprise 8", BAS ERP, Microsoft SQL Server.