The goal of the automation project is to introduce a new accounting system for personnel records and payroll.

Active development of the network led to an increase in the number of company personnel (more than 3,000 employees), which, along with the high cost of adapting the existing system to changes in legislation, necessitated the introduction of a new accounting system for personnel records and payroll.

The Salary and personnel management for Ukraine 8 configuration was selected as the basis for the new system.

The Implementation Center team has deployed the system at 400 workplaces. All users were trained to work in the new information system.

During the project, improvements were made:

In the field of personnel accounting:

  • Remote workplace for hiring/transfers/dismissal with subsequent acceptance at the head office;
  • Revision for accounting for sick leave in the sequence;
  • Accounting for employees on maternity leave.

Accounting for time worked:

  • Entering work schedules at job sites;
  • Accounting for internal transfers.

Salary calculation:

  • Separate salary calculation for 4- or 5-week months (planned and actual);
  • 1-DF and 1-PV reports, with more than 3,000 employees and 56 structural units.

Project results:

  1. Improved control over the accuracy of source information.
  2. Salary is calculated according to corporate standards (planned and actual), according to the rules set by A.S.WATSON GROUP international.
  3. The quality of calculating complex types of accruals has improved, and there are more opportunities for analyzing the compliance of accruals with company policies
  4. Opportunities for financial analysis of labor costs have increased.