Integrated automation project for 350 jobs

The 'Management of an Agricultural Enterprise for Ukraine' configuration was selected as the basis for the new information system. The project began at ILLICH-AGRO Zaporozhye JP. Its subsequent successful experience was repeated at all subsidiaries of the agroholding (ILLICH-AGRO DONBAS JP, Harvest-Uman JP, ILLICH-AGRO CRIMEA JP).

Automation areas:

•  operational accounting for agricultural production of plant cultivation and animal breeding, accounting repair and agricultural work;

• planning work in crop production; sales and purchasing management;

•  settlements with counterparties and shareholders;

•  accounting for fixed assets and equipment;

•  accounting for inventory and cash;

• accounting, personnel and tax accounting, as well settlements with personnel.

By dividing 300 users into groups, CONTO trainers managed to bring everyone to the same level of program use in two and half months.

“After the introduction of the 'Management of an agricultural enterprise for Ukraine', the management and operation of HarvEast Holding reached a new level of quality. In addition, the company's management and specialists responsible for different production clusters can now see the situation in real time and make decisions based on current information. This is a competitive advantage for an agricultural enterprise. It was equally important for us that all of our employees positively received the system. Even those who were learning to use a computer from scratch. Our specialists say that the system is fairly simple to use and meets all the requirements of the holding,” shares Simon Chernyavsky, General Director, HarvEast Holding.