Introduction of “Management of trading enterprise for Ukraine 8”

An important factor when choosing an accounting system was the ability to generate tax and financial statements according to Ukrainian standards, while receiving all necessary updates promptly and regularly. Specialists from the Implementation Center conducted a detailed survey of business processes, helped to choose the product “Trade enterprise management for Ukraine 8” that is optimal for the project and developed an implementation project.

As part of the project:

  • Terms of reference and working draft for each section of automation was developed.
  • User training was conducted (accounting department, sales and logistics).
  • The following accounting subsystems were launched in order of the priorities identified: Accounting and tax accounting and the formation of regulated reporting Management of personnel movement, personnel records, calculation and payment of wages
  • Procurement and logistics management of goods in transit Order management Sales
  • Control of settlements with buyers (dealers).

Upon completion of the project:

  • The warehouse was ready to accept the goods and start trading activities exactly on time. 
  • The system accumulates statistical data on sales and a set of analytical reports, which makes it possible to conduct a more detailed analysis of market changes than was possible using distributors' reports. 

  • Operational analysis of information allows to make timely and effective management decisions aimed at solving the strategic goals of the company in Ukraine.

Currently, the system is used in 20 workplaces.
Introduction of “Consolidation PROF” The company must generate monthly reports according to corporate standards.
No subsystem for creating reporting according to international standards is provided in the solution that served as the basis for automating the company's main activity, namely, “Management of a trading enterprise for Ukraine”. 

At the same time, the introduction of “Management of a trading enterprise for Ukraine” showed that 1C:Enterprise 8 products are high-tech and allow for a quick and effective launch into commercial operation.

Therefore, “Consolidation PROF” was selected as the basis for solving the problem of preparing reports on corporate standards. 

The project has developed a solution that provides the following functionality: data on business operations accumulated in the information base on the “Management of the trading enterprise” are uploaded to the information base on the “Consolidation PROF”.

Further, the data is processed and corporate reports are generated, which are then converted into any currency specified by the user. 

 As a result of the project, the entire monthly set of reports is prepared by one user in a day.