BAS ERP. International Accounting (IA) is a system of accounting and management in international companies operating in Ukraine, the EU, and the USA. This solution is demanded by the enterprises founded in Ukraine and developing business in Europe and America. In order to be competitive, it is important to obtain up-to-date and reliable information on the financial state of affairs and to apply uniform accounting standards for all legal entities of the group of companies in all countries.

BAS ERP.IA allows to apply common financial accounting standards for all companies, branches, and offices located in different countries. This makes it possible to manage an international company more efficiently. As a result, it becomes possible to quickly generate reports on the financial condition of all business units of the group of companies that maintain accounting under the same rules, including basic reports under IFRS in a single presentation currency. It is also possible to obtain management accounts describing the main performance indicators of the whole group in the context of business units (legal entities), products (nomenclature), etc. Procurement processes, group resources, and consolidation of data on all sales channels in all countries and their operational analysis at the financial level can be effectively managed by the system through a single centralized database. The program interface is English, German.

The main feature of the developed module is the ability to customize an individual chart of accounts and reflections of transactions in the account for each of the company's jurisdiction. The chart of accounts allows you to specify three main levels of analytical sections and additional one - accounting by departments and activity areas.

The functional settings of accounting operations allows you to manage the reflection settings for each document, with the ability to customize the conditions. This mechanism is designed for the following business processes:

  • financial management
  • procurement and sales management
  • inventory management
  • non-current asset management
  • month-end close, routine transactions.
The subsystem of reflection in IFRS of accounting entries for an individual chart of accounts has been improved.

The function allows using three types of currencies:

  • Regulated accounting currency means the base currency used for accounting by a legal entity in accordance with the requirements of local legislation.
  • The functional currency of international accounting means the currency used in the main economic environment in which an enterprise conducts its activities.
  • The presentation currency of international accounting means the currency in which an enterprise presents international financial statements.

The download source for currency rates is specified for each currency. When transactions are recorded in a currency other than the regulated currency of the organization, they are recalculated at the specified rate.

The configuration implements a mechanism for setting up tax accounting for each jurisdiction of the company, in particular a number of EU countries, the USA, and Japan.
It makes it possible to configure reporting based on the selected data source for loaded layouts. 
BAS ERP.IA can be integrated with corporate sales management systems and CRM, such as SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CRM, etc. due to the open architecture, and exchanges with bookkeeping and tax accounting systems widely used in different countries can also be set up.