• Move away from using a bunch of individual products that do not talk to each other to a complete solution that automates the whole range of your company's processes.

  • Take informed decisions with critical data that is available at your fingertips and in real time.

  • Turn your processes transparent allowing to grow your company faster and stay competitive.

  • Stay informed on how your company operates in the smallest detail.

  • Stay on top of your business KPIs, estimate operational efficiency, individual departments and employee performance to achieve financial goals.

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Integrate production stages into one comprehensive system
  • Seamless information flow between organization's departments and subsidiaries

  • Greater efficiencies of your company's production and logistics workflows

  • Real-time information for taking business critical decisions

Plan and control KPIs

  • Production planning based on machine load and resources available

  • Real-time KPI tracking

  • Integrated business analytics - cost of goods, revenues, and expenses split by the parameters you need to monitor

Automate key workflows

  • Production management for multi-stage production cycles

  • Repair and maintenance

  • Stock and warehouse

  • Sales and purchases

  • Customer relationship management

  • HR and payroll management

  • Accounting

  • Control of expenses and cost of goods

  • Financial management and budgeting

Mobile workplaces and remote work over the Internet

Support for all common OS and Database platforms - Linux, Windows, Mac OS, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle Database

  • Easily and quickly adapt the system to the changing requirements of growing business

  • Save costs and efforts with quick implementation

  • Use cloud or on-premise deployment

  • Access from desktop and mobile devices