"Managing a small firm for Ukraine" is designed as a box solution for managing and accounting in small businesses. The program has implemented all basic functions for non-fiscal operational accounting, control, analysis, and planning in enterprises with such activities as the rendering of services (service), contract (design) work, production, trade.


Registration of business transactions and the generation of primary documents of business activities of the enterprise, such as trade and procurement, financial, warehouse, production, etc. are performed using clear on-screen forms that are analogous to paper documents with the possibility to obtain the necessary printed forms.

All the data is given in a single information base.

A wide range of reports provides owners, managers, and employees with the ability to obtain information quickly in a form that is convenient for work and decision-making, with the required efficiency and detail.

The program is not intended for bookkeeping and tax accounting as "Accounting 8 for Ukraine" is more sufficient for these purposes, and the data upload can be used with this application solution.

The program can be used for several companies or private entrepreneurs – both independent and those working within the same business. When changing the scale and structure of the business, approaches to management or organization of work, the program can be reconfigured without a large investment of time and money.

The recommended number of workstations is from one to ten.

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Retail Sales

  • Procurement and Purchasing

  • Stocks and Stores

  • Works, Services, Production

  • Funds

  • Salary and Human Resources

  • Assets

  • Finance

  • Analytical Reports