The company features a Training Center that has been deemed a Certified Training Center (CTC) for training specialists on 1C:Enterprise 8 products. CTC status confirms the company's competence and high quality of training using the 1C:Enterprise system.

Benefits of the CONTO Training Center: the program was developed by 1C:Enterprise teacher trainers, whose professional qualifications are certified and backed by experience. Course offerings cover all aspects of work with the software: from a crash course in 1C:Enterprise 8's platform and applied solutions to the most complex topics associated with the program.

Our experience

CONTO received its CTC status January 30, 2004. This was an important step for us in our efforts to improve the quality of our services.

More than 10,000 specialists have trained at the CONTO Training Center. This means that 10,000 people have received a salary increase, experienced career growth or landed an excellent job, while their employers got guaranteed high-class specialists.

Our trainers

The course trainers at the CTC are practitioners who studied and passed the exam for the right to teach a particular course. Trainers' qualifications are confirmed by a registered certificate, lots of positive feedback and customer achievements. The success of the companies advised by our teachers during accounting speaks louder than words.

8 reasons to choose the CONTO Training Center:

  1. Training using high-quality materials

  2. Unique methods of presenting information

  3. Certified trainers with practical experience

  4. Modern equipped classrooms

  5. Small groups

  6.  Flexible training schedule

  7. Great prices