Each automated system requires maintenance and updates. 1C:Enterprise maintenance includes: user consultations for optimal use of the system, software configuration, reprogramming to reflect changes in the company's activities, updates and many other services.

One reason for the need to service 1C:Enterprise products is reflected in changes to legislation regarding tax accounting. Another important reason for service is the release of 1C:Enterprise product updates, which are designed to improve and add new features to the automated system, as well as to fix and optimize existing functionality based on users' and developers' feedback and needs.

What do you get with the maintenance contract:

  • Your account database is always updated and compliant with existing legislation.
  • You can send reports directly from 1C:Enterprise using the Report online service.
  • In case of any questions regarding the program's work, you will receive a quick and high-quality response from the consultation line.
  • Your database is secure and always up to date.
  • You will always be up to date with the latest changes in legislation and will find answers to all relevant questions on accounting in 1C:Enterprise thanks to the information and training materials available at its.1c.ua.

You also have the unique opportunity to learn about changes in legislation and accounting and to exchange experience with colleagues at regular meetings of users with trainers.